The Mendr Way

Editor’s Touch

Includes adjustments to:

  • Exposure
  • Shadows & highlights
  • Color
  • Noise (the grainy look you see in some photos)
  • Cosmetic: teeth whitening, red eye, wrinkles, & facial glare

Does not include:

  • Cosmetic changes: removal of moles, scars, freckles, etc
    • Addition of make-up
  • Body adjustments
  • Removal/addition of any objects
  • Background swap
  • Addition of text

When to use Editor’s Touch?

When you have a photo that needs some tidying up before posting or printing, Editor’s Touch is your answer!

With Editor’s Touch, you always know you’ll be receiving an edit that will please and wow you, but will be edited according to the guidelines listed above.


Includes adjustments to:

  • Anything & everything!

Also includes:

  • Ability to leave comments/instructions with each edit selection
  • Ability to attach reference photo
  • Ability to attach a merge photo
  • Ability to “chalk” photo

When to use Tailor?

When you have a photo that needs specific adjustments not included in Editor’s Touch, use Tailor.

With Tailor, you will be receiving an photo that is edited according to the edit selections, instructions, and guidance that you’ve given to our Editors.

You will be wow’d by our Editor’s ability to take the guidance you’ve given them and turn your photo dream into a reality!

If you have any questions, concerns, constructive criticism, praise, OR just want to say HI, feel free to email us at We would love to hear from you!