Editor Feature- Linda Hensley


Editor username: L C Hensley

Location: Los Osos, California- Roughly half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the coast. I am very lucky to live in a place that I can run my dog on the beach any day of the week and most days of the year are between 65 and 75 degrees.

Favorite quote: “Anything can be tackled if you take it in small enough bites.”

Life motto: There is always a solution. Or, as my mother used to say “Yard by yard, everything is hard, but inch by inch, everything’s a cinch.”


I find my greatest inspiration in  cast off, and unwanted objects, buildings that are old, abandoned, and picturesque. Basically junk that is rusty, peeling, and worn. Anything that could have new life as something else or is beautiful because it has been well used. This inspires me as an artist and also in my everyday life. I would rather have a used object in my home for most things than a new one. Imagining what other lives they served and the people they touched has always fascinated me.


Oh how can I be succinct? I wanted to find something I could do from home, that I was good at, and that would satisfy the need that is in me for new challenges all the time. I prayed about it for years. One day, I read a post on Pinterest about Mendr and it was like a light went on. I am a really good photo editor and restorer and to find something who needed people like me was too good to be true. The fact that Mendr was just starting up  was also a draw for me. It sounded like it would be fun to get in on something brand new and it is!


I design and make cakes that look like other than food
I allow our white Labrador Retriever to sleep under the covers
I like to make elaborate food over a camping fire


Linda Hensley.




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