Editor- Beau Moran

The Basics.

Editor username: DatKidBeau

Location: Living in Redondo Beach, CA

Life quote: “Sic Parvis Magna” (Greatness From Small Beginnings)

Life motto: All Eyez Open

Day Job: Works with film/photography productions from inception to completion- in other words, living the dream.

“While this may not be my best work, I do enjoy enhancing an image that is challenging to flex and hone my editing skills.”

 Where do you pull your inspiration from?

“Inspiration takes many forms; my personal favorites are films, photos, music, paintings, short stories, sports, loving, and partying”


  Why Mendr?

“Mendr gives me the ability to work on my own time within a setting that I am comfortable and allows the truest forms of creativity to flow through, leading to the best work possible.”

Sunnyville Poster.png

Beau Moran.

Mendr ID: DatKidBeau

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